Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program

Fogarty EDvance is accepting applications from eligible primary and secondary schools, for the three-year Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program.

1. Register and attend our School Transformation Framework Workshop

If you think the program is a good fit for your school, or you are interested in further information, join us at our free School Transformation Framework Workshop in August 2023.

This pre-program workshop introduces school leadership teams to the EDvance School Transformation Framework, a foundational tool in the EDvance program.

* For regional schools, we will be livestreaming this workshop.

If you have any questions about the program or how it would work at your school, please call or email.

2. Submit your application for 2024

To apply for the Fogarty EDvance program, you must first attend the School Transformation Framework Workshop noted above. Following the workshop, you will be invited to submit an application.

If you would like to discuss being part of the Fogarty EDvance program in 2024, please get in touch.

EDvance tackles all of the key variables in school reform – school leadership, effective teaching and assessment that drives learning – and supports schools to make real differences to the life chances of children and young people. It is an impressive demonstration of the impact that schools can make, working together in an evidence-based improvement program.

Bill Louden AM Emeritus Professor
Support our program

Program cost

The EDvance program is an initiative of the Fogarty Foundation. The program is also financially supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Education, and by Catholic Education Western Australia. By making a contribution, funders close the remaining gap and enable schools to access the program.

Make a difference

Become an EDvance funder

You can support the EDvance program by becoming a Major Funding Partner (previous major funders have given between $25,000 and $200,000 p.a.); including Fogarty EDvance in your company gift-matching program or making a one-off end of financial year donation; or by joining an established or setting up your own Giving Circle.

By becoming an EDvance funder, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into our program, see the program in action, join school leaders and mentors at workshops, and visit our EDvance schools.

For more information about how you can support the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program and improve educational outcomes for students across WA, contact the Fogarty EDvance team.

Improving education outcomes for students across WA

Hear what some school leaders say about the EDvance program.

Learn more about our School Improvement Program

The Fogarty EDvance (School Improvement) Program was founded by the Fogarty Foundation. The program is financially supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Education, and by Catholic Education Western Australia. The delivery partner of Fogarty EDvance is Knowledge Society.

Impact Snapshot

To see the impact of our program view our Impact Report for Cohort 6