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By Fogarty EDvance | April 6, 2020

Some of our Alumni schools have continued to see real improvements in student academic outcomes post-program – check out these two Cohort 3 schools.

Balga Primary School

Balga Primary School has moved from performing (on average) below expected performance in 2016 to at or above expected performance in all areas of NAPLAN in 2019.

Students are Balga PS are showing strong progress from Year 3 – 5, and the Year 3 students are on the way to meeting the national average in Spelling.

Balga PS is now an Instructional Adviser school for the Fogarty EDvance program in 2020. The status of an Instructional Adviser school is only given to schools who have successfully implemented a whole school approach to teaching and learning and have made a significant improvement to their student results.

To hear more about Balga PS’s school improvement journey, read our interview with substantive Principal Anika Blackmore here.

Warriapendi Primary School

From 2014 to 2019, Year 3 students at Warriapendi Primary School have lifted their reading scores by 110 NAPLAN scores, and continue to perform above the WA state average in Reading. Year 5 students at Warriapendi PS continue to perform above ‘like schools’.

Congratulations to our Alumni schools and keep up the great work. To find out more about the FED Alumni Network, please contact Daniella Hassett at daniella.hassett@fogartyedvance.au

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