Teaching Intensives 2024

Fogarty EDvance have successfully concluded the seventh annual Teaching Intensives. This initiative, which commenced in 2018, has consistently grown in scale and impact, leaving an indelible mark on education in Western Australia. The program has not only empowered educators but has also become a beacon of inspiration for schools committed to fostering excellence in teaching and learning.

The four-day professional learning intensives, held in collaboration with Edith Cowan University’s Dr. Lorraine Hammond, brought together 130 teachers and 100 students from Dawson Park Primary School. These dedicated educators seized the opportunity to enhance their instructional practices, observe expert educators in action, and engage in constructive feedback and coaching sessions. The program’s success is underscored by the fact that it has supported over 500 teachers in implementing high-impact instructional strategies since its inception.

This year we welcomed teachers from 24 current EDvance and alumni schools as well as participants from seven schools in the Kimberley Schools Project. Some educators came from even as far as the Northern Territory to participate.  Additionally, there was also the opportunity for 11 pre-service teachers to access the Teaching Intensives with a scholarship from Fogarty Foundation and Knowledge Society.

Reflecting on the success of the program, Dr. Hammond stated, “The impact of high-quality professional learning is most significant when educators are given the tools and ongoing support to integrate new skills into their teaching practice. Our goal is to empower teachers with the knowledge and skills that result in effective teaching practices and positive student outcomes.”

The EDvance Teaching Intensives at Dawson Park Primary School are not just about individual teacher development; they are about creating a community of educators equipped with high-impact instructional strategies. This community-driven approach fosters collaboration among teachers, creating a ripple effect that elevates teaching quality across Western Australia.

Fogarty EDvance, through its commitment to improving student outcomes, continues to invest in teachers, school leaders, and principals. This investment ensures that all students, regardless of their background, receive a high-quality education. By providing strategic programs and fostering partnerships, Fogarty EDvance stands as a leading educational foundation dedicated to the ongoing pursuit of excellence in teaching and learning.

We’re thrilled to announce the successful launch of EDvance Cohort 11, marking the commencement of an extraordinary journey for a new cohort of dedicated school leaders!

The journey began amidst the picturesque setting of City Beach, where these leaders embarked on a transformative experience in school improvement, immersing themselves in a world of knowledge, collaboration, and growth.

To all the participants, we extend a warm welcome! Your commitment to continuous learning was truly commendable, and we were honored to witness the remarkable progress and success that unfolded over the three-year program. 

📷 Amanda Zuvela

We are happy to announce the commencement of Cohort 11 in the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program, a journey dedicated to enhancing leadership and fostering positive change within our schools. This cohort comprises a diverse and dynamic group of schools.

Among the schools joining this cohort are Beenyup Primary School, Calista Primary School, Glen Huon Primary School, Kearnan College, Lancelin Primary School, Leda Education Support Centre, Maida Vale Primary School, NArrogin Primary School, Northcliffe District High School, Queens Park Primary School, Rockingham Senior High School Education Support Centre, Southern Cross District High School, Takari Primary School, and Wandina Primary School.

Each of these schools brings a unique perspective, rich experiences, and a commitment to continuous improvement in education.

The Fogarty EDvance program has a proven track record of success, and we are confident that Cohort 11 will contribute to the legacy of educational excellence. We look forward to witnessing the growth, achievements, and transformative impact that will undoubtedly unfold as these schools immerse themselves in the program.

To the dedicated educators and leaders of Cohort 11, welcome to the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program. Your commitment to enhancing education is commendable, and we anticipate great accomplishments on this shared voyage toward continued excellence in teaching and learning. Best wishes for a fulfilling and successful journey ahead!

On November 16th, Cohort 8 completed the 3 year Fogarty EDvance program. In their final workshop we celebrated their achievements with the presentation of change stories – ensuring each school was able to highlight and share their achievements over the course of the program.

Huge congratulations to Albany Primary School, Bridgetown High School, Champion Bay Senior High School, Geraldton Senior High School, Karratha Senior High School, Meadow Springs Primary School, Our Lady of Mercy Primary School, St Brigid’s School (Collie), St John’s School (Rangeway), St Mary’s School, South Padbury Primary School, Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre and Yanchep Secondary College.

Overall, the 3 year program’s performance was highly rated and exceeded the expectations of participants. The weighted average rating stands at a promising 8.6/10, reflecting a positive and high-performing environment. 100% of attendees stated in the end of year survey that the program had made them a better leader, improved their teams leadership and made them more capable of developing other leaders.

It’s great to see positive feedback from school leaders who have participated in the program. Here are some key points highlighted in their feedback:

“We have a shared vision, a clear pathway for improvement in our teaching practices and commitment to our Moral Purpose.”

“Implementing change is such a difficult thing to do when faced with all the urgent day-to-day occurrences in a school, so having a clear plan helps our leadership team to remain focused and keep chipping away.”

“I feel my growth will continue to develop as we embed what I have learnt over the three years in to our school.”

“Learning how to be an effective leader. Understanding what needs to happen to make changes that ensure growth and success at our school.”

“Shared vision. Clear direction and goals. Unskilled leaders effectively to achieve change and best outcomes for our students.”

In the words of one respondent, a call to action reverberates: “Principals of schools not in this program – wake up. The accountability the program instills in your role is invaluable.” The success of Cohort 8 serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the transformative power of dedicated leadership in the pursuit of educational excellence.

Congratulations to all participants on this remarkable journey, and may the positive ripples of the Fogarty EDvance program continue to shape the future of education in our state.

Mentoring school leaders is a critical component of educational leadership and organizational development. Academic literature underscores the importance of mentorship in helping school leaders navigate the complexities of their roles effectively. For instance, Ingersoll (2018) highlights that mentoring for school leaders can positively influence their leadership skills, decision-making abilities, and overall job satisfaction. By offering guidance, sharing experiences, and providing emotional support, mentors help school leaders build the confidence needed to make informed decisions and address challenges within their schools.

Additionally, research suggests that mentorship can contribute to the professional growth and continuous improvement of school leaders. Mentors can assist in developing leadership competencies, such as instructional leadership, school culture enhancement, and effective communication, which are crucial for driving school improvement and student achievement (Wong and Wong, 2005).

Mentoring relationships often create a sense of belonging and professional community among school leaders. Frattura et al. (2004) demonstrate that mentors can help new school leaders integrate into their school communities, establish positive relationships with staff, and foster a collaborative and supportive school culture.

Mentoring school leaders has a profound and positive impact on their leadership development, job satisfaction, and effectiveness in leading schools toward improved outcomes for students. It underscores the importance of establishing formal mentoring programs and structures within educational institutions to support the growth and success of school leaders.

Find out more about the Fogarty EDvance mentors here

EDvance offers cohorts a variety of additional workshops throughout their time in the program (and beyond as alumni).

Some examples of these workshops include Instructional Advisor, High Impact Instruction, Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum and a Masterclass in interpreting OHI.

As a cohort you will hear about these classes as they are offered (usually in the second year of the program), however, if you have any specific enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

At this stage we are collecting Expressions of Interest for our Instructional Advisor Workshops and Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum. If you are interested in attending please send us an e-mail

On September 4th, Fogarty EDvance had the pleasure of hosting an instructional coaching workshop with representatives from ten of our Cohort 9 schools joining us! Thanks to Anika Blackmore and Victoria Rowland from Brabham Primary School for their leadership and insights.  It was a great day of learning and planning and those who attended gave amazing feedback to the hosts.

If you are interested in participating in any upcoming workshops see what we have coming up

Congratulations to the eleven Cohort 7 schools who recently completed the three-year EDvance School Improvement Program.

Despite beginning their improvement journey in 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, the cohort participated in the program through a combination of face-to-face and online learning, including via livestream. Together, these schools have managed and adapted to the challenges of the pandemic and were able to share their ‘green shoots’ for school improvement at the final workshop this term.

 We look forward to welcoming these schools to our FED Alumni Network in 2023 and publishing the Cohort 7 Impact Report next year. The full list of Cohort 7 schools who successfully completed the program can be found here.

The Grattan Institute recently published an article on curriculum planning in schools, outlining workload challenges faced by teachers in the time taken to plan curriculum to facilitate student learning experiences in their classrooms.

A lack of detailed resources and direction for teachers has led to teachers having to create lessons from scratch and searching for appropriate materials or activities online to support learning. This often leads to variability between classrooms in what is being taught, and privatised classroom practice, which leads to students in the same year groups not having equal access to grade level content. 

Of the schools surveyed, the majority did not have robust curriculum planning processes in place, with only 15% of teachers having access to common materials for their classes – with teachers working in disadvantaged schools being half as likely to have access to common materials than teachers in more advantaged schools.

Having common materials has a significantly positive effect on teachers and teaching, such as consistent learning in classrooms, increased teacher collaboration, decreased workload, and greater satisfaction with their schools’ planning process.

The report outlines what can be done to ease the workload for teachers – which equates to 20 million teacher hours per year – by education systems investing in the creation of high-quality curriculum materials made available to schools and investing in developing deeper pedagogical content knowledge for teachers to create these materials. 

We are excited that two EDvance Alumni schools, Aveley Secondary College, and Serpentine Primary School, were recognised in the article as exemplars of curriculum planning and development and were able to share how they implemented low variability curriculum across their schools, and the subsequent positive impact this had on their teachers and student outcomes.

You can read the full report here.

Congratulations to the eighteen primary and secondary schools who recently celebrated the launch of their Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Impact Report.

Cohort 6 schools commenced their journey in 2019, with 10 primary schools and 8 secondary schools – one of the largest contingents of secondary schools for the EDvance Program. The inclusion of such a large group of secondary schools enabled the EDvance Program to further develop support structures and gain critical insights into the strategic and operational challenges faced by secondary schools.

The Impact Report includes a story of impact for each school, capturing how the EDvance Program supported them to improve student outcomes by building the capacity of their leadership teams, catalysing changes in teaching practice, and developing robust strategic plans. 

“It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Cohort 6 during the EDvance program and beyond into the EDvance Alumni program. They have bravely embraced the challenge of undertaking whole-school transformation and all that entails, for the benefit of the students in their communities,” said Georgie Wynne, Fogarty EDvance Program Director.

“Belmay Primary School staff have always been committed to providing quality education for each child. The EDvance Program has given us the skills, tools, and confidence to continue to improve the quality of that education.”
Sarah Durham, Principal at Belmay Primary School

“The Fogarty EDvance program has allowed Coodanup College to grow and achieve genuine improvement around our shared moral purpose. The guidance and support we received to lead staff through the implementation of research-based best practice was invaluable.”
Mark Utley, Principal at Coodanup College

“The Fogarty EDvance program allowed our school to develop a greater sense of direction and provided opportunities to celebrate success. This program was the most beneficial professional learning I have been part of in my 25+ years in education.”
Steve Beaton, Principal at Hampton Senior High School

“The impact of the Fogarty EDvance Program on the leadership team’s focus and solidifying the direction of the school, I believe, has directly impacted on the improved educational outcomes of the students across the school.”
– Andrew Jack, Principal at Tom Price Senior High School

You can read the Cohort 6 Impact Report here.