A new offering to EDvance schools and the FED network: EDvance Video Resources

By Fogarty EDvance | June 12, 2020

As many of you are aware, we have been working on a series of video resources that capture high-impact instruction in action. This suite of videos are known as the EDvance Video Resources and are available to view privately through the streaming platform, Vimeo.

The purpose of the EDvance Video Resources are twofold:

  1. For schools that are already working with these instructional practices, another learning opportunity to get together with teachers and consider the discussion points included in the Guidance Notes.
  2. For schools that are not currently working with these instructional practices, an opportunity to view some expert teachers in action. We recognise that due to Covid-19, the scheduled school visits for Term 2 have had to be cancelled, which provides limited opportunity for leaders and teachers to view high-impact instruction in action.

All of the teaching strategies used in the videos are evidence-based, and come from the body of research that was introduced to you in Year 1 of the program, including:

  1. Archer and Hughes
  2. Rosenshine
  3. Dataworks: The engagement norms referred to extensively in the video are attributed to Ybarra & Hollingsworth.

The EDvance Video Resources consist of 12 separate videos:

Early Years

  1. Brooke Wardana Video 1 – Daily Review on Single Sounds
  2. Brooke Wardana Video 2 – Daily Review on Diagraphs
  3. Brooke Wardana Video 3 – Daily Review on Syllables
  4. Brooke Wardana Video 4 – Daily Review on Comprehension

Middle Years

  1. Anthony Chiappalone – Daily Review on Addition and Subtraction
  2. Anthony Chiappalone – Daily Review on Multiplication and Division
  3. Anthony Chiappalone Video 1 – Learning Objective
  4. Anthony Chiappalone Video 2 – Concept and Skill Development
  5. Anthony Chiappalone Video 3 – Guided Practice
  6. Anthony Chiappalone Video 4 – Independent Practice


  1. Stacey Plaut Daily Review – Year 7 HASS (The Water Cycle)
  2. Stacey Plaut Lesson Design – Year 7 HASS (Demand and Supply)

To access the EDvance Video Resources and Guidance Notes, please email Stacey at stacey.plaut@fogartyedvance.au

A final note: The Fogarty Foundation and Fogarty EDvance have invested significant time and resources into the creation of these videos for the sole benefit of EDvance schools. As such, the EDvance Video Resources are solely for the distribution and use of schools that are part of the Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program. Please do not share these resources with any schools or teachers beyond the FED Network without the express permission of our team. Please contact Stacey or Katie for the password to view the Video Resources or for further information at katie.odriscoll@fogartyedvance.au

If you need any support in using these videos effectively, please get in contact with your mentor or the FED team. We hope you find these video resources useful to continue your school improvement journey throughout 2020.

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